Debian-specific CFEngine packages

TL;DR: CFEngine packages that comply to the Debian policy are available. Add the line to your sources list: “deb $distro main” and add the key to /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d where $distro is one of jessie lucid precise raspjessie raspwheezy sid

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Marrying Cfengine and Salt for node data collection

At the University of Oslo [1] where I work, we have been using Cfengine3 [2] as the core component for continuous automation and maintenance  of the RedHat Enterprise Linux platform since 2010(ish). Cfengine really shines due to its flexibility, reliability,

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CFEngine Community on Android!

One of the many attractive features with CFEngine is its low resource footprint. Even though the software is running on some of the largest IT installations in the world, CFEngine developers seem to always be focused on doing more with

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